hey friends. it's been a while. as much as i love love, i've been thinking about art a lot lately. in our last class, the professor asked us what we would do, culturally, to get people politically engaged, to encourage people to become politically functional citizens. some people suggested that we make 'the masses', or … Continue reading oa3



what is the social significance of art? when I say ‘art’ here, i mean all creative endeavours, from literary novels and poetry to painting and film. basically, all things ‘cultural’. where, if ever, do culture and reality collide, and what is the resulting impact? as i ask this, i wonder how narrow, or wide, the scope of what we consider culture can be.


some say the greeks had 8 words for love. some say they had 7, others 4, still others 6. but the underlying idea is that these emotions were identified as being distinct from one another, rather than permutations of the one. but the ancient greeks were pagans, and just as love was separated into several entities, so was god himself.