who does language belong to? who owns the rights to a particular tongue, dialect, or vernacular? can you gate-keep language? for my dissertation on palestinian hip-hop in israel and the diaspora, i've had to do some research on AAVE: african american vernacular english, the dialect spoken among many african americans within their communities, and the … Continue reading oc6


because we can never know the essence of things, but cannot help but sense them, we must take however imprecise a stab at them, create something pseudo-reflective of the unnamable, and put it out there, to see if anyone recognizes it. on the level of personal expression, that is art, on the level of the collective, nationhood.


because 'art' can be a reductive notion, i've decided to start a new 'thread' (if you will) on culture in general. the word 'culture' suggests a myriad of things--it could range from having heavily religious implications to referring to the creative or industrial production of a society. even within the productive sector, different subcultures emerge: … Continue reading oc1